This guy takes 30 gram doses of mushrooms

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This guy takes 30 gram doses of mushrooms

This dude Kilindi is a total badass. Originally from Detroit he’s spent much time in Mexico and Africa acquainting himself with mushroom-taking indigenous cultures. He states that the functions of the mushrooms in these tribes are as follows: small doses for war, slightly larger doses for sex, and enormous doses for encountering the spirit world. Kilindi and those in his inner circle of psychedelic explorers regularly take psilocybin mushroom doses of 20grams and up. Kilindi says that 30 grams is his threshold at the moment but he has friends that take much more than that.

So much for the 5 dried gram “heroic” dose Terence Mckenna talks about in his lectures. According to Kilindi 5 grams is just wiping your feet on the doormat of the house of mysteries. Not only is he a bonafide innerspace explorer he’s also an accomplished professional African Martial Artist. In this interview he mentions that at times he does battle with spirits in hyperspace.

Chuck Norris? Are you kidding me? Kilindi is the John Wayne of cosmic consciousness warriors! He freakin fights spirits in other worlds!! (And in this pic he’s chilling with Dennis Mckenna, isn’t that cool?)

The interview was done by a pleasant fellow named Rak Razam.For more information on Kilindi check out

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  1. Schwann Cybershaman

    I met him and filmed this. Kilindi Iyi is awesome!
    “Don’t try this at home, folks”, comes to mind
    Kilindi is the supreme psychonautic commander, he scans the ether for threat in the moment, his psychic powers attuned to this world, and many others…the sky opened above us…word…Take a magic carpet ride with The Boss – Kilindi Iyi rulez!

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